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Shopify ecommerce solution for a sustainable bedding start-up

Floks produces luxurious duvets and bedding, made entirely in the UK from sustainable British wool.

Capturing Floks in action

From the outset we identified that strong imagery was going to be a key element for this project as we launched the site and promoted its products.

Across a period of three days, we worked with the client on a series of shoots to capture images and video that told the Floks story. The output from these sessions formed the creative assets that Floks use across all of their digital platforms.

The results

By not following the herd, the new Floks website achieved positive ROI in under 2 months. We’re not expecting Floks’ digital growth to slow down any time soon.


Page views (First 9 mths)


In 8 weeks


Online sessions (First 9 mths)